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It is difficult to know exactly what you will need to care for your child if a serious medical condition is diagnosed.

It is likely however that you will need more money to take time off work, change your car or maybe alter and equip your home.

Inevitably, it will be a worry for you, but we hope you will be better placed knowing that EmbryoCare Future Family Insurance could pay up to £150,000 to help cover the cost of looking after a child with a covered condition. How you spend the money is up to you.

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Who are we?

EmbryoCare is the result of the personal experience of our founders who realised that few families have the resources to provide for a child with a serious condition.

At its simplest, whilst we genuinely hope that you won’t need us we know some families will.

Unfortunately, 1 in 46 births have a defect and whilst most births are entirely straightforward we could not find an insurance product to help those with a child that needed extra care. So we built one...

To ensure we cover relevant conditions, we built our products with the help of a consultant paediatrician.

We have a number of products to suit all budgets. The widest cover, Future Family, insures 14 difficult conditions including cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, cancer, stillbirth and cot death as well as conditions such as congenital cataracts, cleft palate, diabetes mellitus, hip dysplasia and club foot - conditions that demand our care and attention. Down's syndrome is available as an option.

Our cheapest products provide Life insurance for your child with options to include carefully selected disabilities - from under £6 per month.

Many of the covered conditions take time to reveal themselves so our cover starts before the baby is even born and continues up to your child's second birthday.

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The products

We want our products to be affordable for everyone.

Our Life products provide the basics that 52% of mums-to-be told us they wanted to cover - stillbirth and cot death with an option to add carefully selected disabilities - from £6 per month.

Future Family products are more comprehensive, cover 14 conditions and have higher benefit levels - from £16 per month.

The Life and Future Family products can be paid by direct debit over a maximum of 24 months - the choice is yours!

Our Business products are bought by companies for the benefit of staff.

Take a look at our Family and Business sections to see the conditions covered, sums insured and premiums.

Please remember - you have to apply between the date of your clear 20 week scan and the end of the 29th week of your pregnancy.

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