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Designed with pregnancy and early childhood in mind, all our products provide a combination of financial support in difficult times and emotional or practical guidance. We provide lump sum payments that can be used at your discretion to help provide the best possible care for your child in the event of a valid claim. Premiums start at under £6 per month.

As customers, you and your family also have access to the RedArc team of nurses for advice and a listening ear - regardless of whether or not a claim has been made.

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EmbryoCare Life

Our Life policies all provide basic life insurance for a child with a clear 20 week scan from inception of the policy, right up to 2 years old. Our options allow you to add cover for important medical conditions that are difficult to detect during scans, or which take time to diagnose.

Developed in response to research involving hundreds of mothers who shared their greatest concerns during pregnancy, these policies offer helpful financial reassurance to families at a manageable monthly cost.

Please remember - you have to apply between the date of your clear 20 week scan and the end of the 29th week of your pregnancy. Premiums from under £6 per month.

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CoveredLifeLife PlusLife Extra
Death, including accidental
Still birth
SIDS/Cot death up to 2yrs
Cerebral Palsy
Cystic Fibrosis
Congenital Deafness
Congenital Blindess

EmbryoCare Future Family

The EmbryoCare Future Family policy offers a safety net at a time when families often struggle to manage finances. Covering 14 conditions which are difficult, or impossible, to detect at the standard 20 week scan, EmbryoCare Future Family provides a significant lump sum payment if a child is diagnosed with a condition such as Congenital Heart Disease, Cancer or Cerebral Palsy.

The policy insures an unborn baby from a clear 20 week scan, until the child’s second birthday.

Please remember - you have to apply between the date of your clear 20 week scan and the end of the 29th week of your pregnancy. Premiums start at £16 per month.

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EmbryoCare Travel

More than 90% of British mums we surveyed had opted to travel during pregnancy - 40% of them during their third trimester. Here at EmbryoCare we’re only too aware of the importance of ensuring as many eventualities as possible are covered.

Provided in partnership with travel insurance experts, goodtogoinsurance.com, we offer mothers-to-be the peace of mind of travelling with the right financial support and reassurance in place should complications occur. This includes emergency medical expenses for single childbirth up to week 28 at no extra charge to a regular travel policy. Selected emergency covers apply after week 28 of your pregnancy.

With no age limits and wide parameters of acceptance for those with medical conditions, all family members should be able to obtain the required cover and join in the babymoon!

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